Branson is… Branson

Branson is… Branson.gang

Foulest mouth in school, knows an awful lot about the Italian mafia, a kid or two out of wedlock, 21, and beligererent. We bonded over saving a professor some obvious agony from another student, I think. Or something. And then one day he was gone. For three weeks.

He* came back in desperation, the day OF finals, and I learned the whole story. Of a kid who had totally gone wrong after his father had died. The angry boy had left home and dropped out of school at 17, ended up in a street-gang of sorts, I suspect, and in jail a few times. He had no money, no life, no tomorrow. He spent his weekends at the Locker Room, a notorious place downtown.

And he tried to change. He got a job. He went back to school. And he found out about a child he never knew he had, a three-year-old son. He engaged himself to the mother, and he was trying. Trying SO hard. He was so close.

And then the mother turned on him, because he suspected his son was not his own. She threw his laptop on the sidewalk and broke it. And his cell phone. And EVERYTHING he had.

And now he was going to finish with Fs.

A professor told me that he was going to try to save Branson’s grade.

I saw the desperation in Branson’s eyes that day. The Italian Mafia look was almost convincing, but I could tell he wasn‘t okay. He was smoking an awful lot, and pale under his dark skin.

I mentioned it as off-handedly as possible. I am a tutor, you know. I can help. I didn’t want to help though. I’m no amazing person. I was beyond exhausted.

We sat there at the cafeteria and crammed information into him, an hour before the final. We went to one teacher together and told her the story. She agreed to help him make it up. We sat down and crammed again. And crammed. And cracked jokes. And he made it. With good grades.

I didn’t get any thanks. I didn’t want any. I felt raw as I saw the man who was trying to pull his life together trying so hard. He brought me lunch, for helping him. Granted, he let another guy [Jay] eat it, because I didn’t get there in time {I ended up kicking Jay in the shins, much to the amusement of everyone around}. And I was exhausted and torn.

He finished.

I have no lesson. No great insight. Helping people hurts. Loving people hurts. It tears your insides out like a devil in a blender. And I help because I see my parents help… I’m no hero. I see those around me helping.

So unworthy to love those around me.

How dare I look down?

Teach me.

*all names have been changed for the protection of those involved


faces and names

During my second year of nursing school our professor gave us a quiz. I breezed through the questions until I read the last one: “What is the first name of the woman who cleans the school?” Surely this was a joke. I had seen the cleaning woman several times, but how would I know her name? I handed in my paper, leaving the last question blank.

Before the class ended, one student asked if the last question would count toward our grade. “Absolutely,” the professor said. “In your careers, you will meet many people. All are significant. They deserve your attention and care, even if all you do is smile and say hello.”

I’ve never forgotten that lesson. I also learned her name was Dorothy. {Joann C. Jones}

Alleyway? Fo Shizzle.

I just used the term ‘fo shizzle’ correctly.
Be very, very impressed.

Sooo. A Friend and I had a chance to do some filming and photography together over winter break.

Very grungy.

At the time, I wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out, honestly.

Ben has the ability to hover. Be MOST impressed.

Ben has the ability to hover. Be MOST impressed.

^that’s the photographer. He has a name, it’s Ben.

Look like a caberet dancer justcomeoffwork, he said. Look artistic, he said.  Look like you're a street rat, he said.  ...I did. o.O

Look like a caberet dancer justcomeoffwork, he said.
Look artistic, he said.
Look like you’re a street rat, he said.
…I did. o.O

Soooo. Here’s we are, on location.


Yez. This guy walkz by. We’re like, ‘yo dawg’. He’s like :walkz by:
Awkwardly amusing :grins:

I also just used the term ‘yo dawg’ correctly. :sparkles:

I’m down wit’ dat.


sultry winter days

I really enjoyed this whole shoot. Very, very different from any I’ve done before… hoodies and jeans are hardly my typical wear.

But this was different.

In a good way.


Benjamin Bailey is pursuing a degree in Film & TV at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Ben enjoys writing, illustrating books, traveling, and of course, hanging out with Kate.
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Simple Flirtations

{This happened a few years ago. It still makes me laugh.  So simple, so unatrocious, so… amusing. YES.}

I’m waiting to cross the road, and up bikes a Mexican, all smiles and white shirts.

And he smiles cheerily and warbles “Would you like to cross the strrrrrreet with me?”

I have no idea what I said, but apparently I said I’d cross on my own, thank you.

so he smiles consolingly, and we cross the street.


As he pleasantly sings Mexican carols.

…and I winced.

Since then, Mexicans have had an unusual liking for me. :blink:


After 2012 Resolutions…

… oh my. Everything has changed since I made 2012’s resolutions… a list of a different lifetime, almost. And things have happened Amazing, God-things. :breathless: Like these:

  • Hiked the Sierra mountains
    Bought a good bike
    heard Handel’s Messiah
    Read-the-Bible-mostly-through-in-a-year #lame
    Had far too much fun with my hair {my personality fits red o.O}
    Contacted those overseas… everything is undercover for now.
    Learned Bonsai from a master
    A first gig after YEARS
    First semester of college!
    Got my permit
    Learned to make Sushi
    Hung with my grandmother a weekend and sewed an ENTIRE quilt top {she’s beast… just sayin’}
    Visited an Amish wedding {totally in German}
    Met two penpals in person
    First-evah swing dance
    Second swing dance.
    thi-okay, okay 😉
    Yays! Finally got the pistol I’d been lusting after.
    And a tazer.
    Dreaming I was flying(!!!)
    Backstage with the WV symphony

And so much more. :breathes: It’s been a wonderful year. Almost despite… no, despite… all my plans.

my weekend went like this

friend-I’ve-known-since-time-began came to visit, and we instantly went down to the river and started waving at passing-barges, which didn’t work, and dancing gangnam style at the barges, which definitelydidwork. ahhhhem. we then went to the mall and danced the same thing in the glass elevator, which was exciting, and to the roller rink, where everyone else was doing it, so we didn’t feel left out. Roller rink has a disco ball, too. very old school. and we both fell a lot, but other people fell more, so we win >.<

and then we went to downtown Marietta and filmed part of a film in the alleys, and climbed the old railway bridge, much to the amusement of passing children “grrrandma! Iwannastayandwatch! I think he’s a-gonna jump!”, and hung out at the coca-cola counter with all the old folks. and made a poster for the film which isdefinitelynothappening.

{thewholepicture isn’t loading, dangblast it >.< }


then we climbed the center beam up into an old barn down below our house, and risked my sister’s life by dragging her along. only went through the floor once. -_- the entire floor was covered with loose papers from the 20’s-40’s… everything from legers to political poetry. goal: try to find the family. SERIOUSLY awesome. we brought back arm-loads of stuffz to go through.

so then we went to a swing dance in columbus that is entirelypopulated by geeks. right by the college, and everyone who goes there is like, an engineer. And a smashing good dancer. O.O {Didn’t know pocket-protectors made one a good dancer, did you?}
so we danced.
a lot.
with lotsofBOYS.
i mean… i danced with the boys and he danced with the gir…
moving on.
and ben made me wear converse with the rainbow laces, which practically glowed-in-the-dark, which was awesome.

and we met awesome people like krishna, who started a pretty suave latin dance smack in the middle of swing, and 6’6 jeff-fred astaire, who can dance like astaire, only significantly more long-legged and awesome. {by the way, I now having a standing salsa-dance-invitation for anytime I visit the midwest, thanks to krishna. #dies}

and THEN? we got home around three, and nobody could sleep, so we sat in the kitchen floor and drank tea and kombucha and poured it into a juice glass {the kombucha} and tried to see who could get the most down in one shot. #ahem
i won again. Of COURSE. i’m girl, and i have a bigger mouth?

then somehow we all managed to be at services 4 hours later. be impressssed. XD