Why is your hair blonde and your eyebrows are black?
God made me that way. I’ve been wondering, too.
I wanna see a picture of you doing something cool.
Okay. Here’s a picture of me doing something cool. banding kestrals Your best friend says you eat like 4,000 calories a day. Is she truthful?
Maybe. I have the metabolism of a hummingbird. She’s found me curled up under the table, covered with a blanket and going Idon’tliiiikepeoplewhineeee when I don’t eat.
Do you like ham?
What do you want to do when you grow up?
Go overseas. Love people. Learn new languages. Wilderness medic peoplez.
I thought you were like, sick or something?  Shouldn’t you be home where people can take care of you?
Yeah, I am, and nope! This is a crazy rare chorea (read=painful seizures while conscious) that’s been around for about a year.  It’s been a super awesome life experience that taught me to be grateful for what I have. And the little things like walking.  It’s been tough, but it’s been good. Living a normal life beyond illness is an incredible experience.
Why don’t you talk about Daniel much?
I’m a writer. I lay my heart out, and ultimately, most of the time I put myself into a vulnerable state.  That’s my choice, but Daniel, and my own family, don’t get the same treatment.  Also, one person in sobbies because someone posted a bigmeancomment in a household is definitely enough.
Fine. But like, can’t I know anything?
Yeah. He lives 2,000 miles away and it’s super laaaaaame.  He’s also super rad and drinks tea and loves Jesus and rockclimbs. Not in that order.
Do you believe in pixies?
I have every reason to believe my little sister is a pixie. Her ears are pointed.
I hate you because you make life sound like rainbows and sunshine and IHATERAINBOWS.
I’m really sorry.
Bad Kate. No seriously, sorry. Life isn’t all rainbows and niceness and interesting things. But then again, who wants to hear about how all my lug nuts came off my tire for the 4th time this month? Exactly.
If I have a great idea for a post, will you write it up?
Mebbe. But only if it’s about grizzly bears.

2 thoughts on “FAQ

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  2. Why have I not seen this before? Like, you’d have gotten so much more grief if I’d learned about the tire before I came to visit.

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