I’m Katharine. Kate for chummy people. I live on the high desert in a tiny cabin with a screen door, two stoves, and my best friend.

Not exactly in that order.

+ I like pasta, kim chee, and raw fish.

One day my boyfriend and I were rappeling, and a man beside of us had tech difficulties and fell about 30 feet. We’re both EMTs, so we got to rappel down and take care of him and get a bird out there and that was my first experience with wilderness rescue.

+ I like my boyfriend. He’s cool.

+ I’m a Christian, first and foremost. Then I love people. Then I’m a trauma junkie.

+ I’m a paramedic student. It’s an exhausting life of being flirted with by medic students who go “heeey, hot veins!” and, “hey, can I check your pulse?”. Or something like that.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Presidents Day.

I love pasta, raw fish, and kim chee.


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