A day in the life of my housemate

First of all, I can sleep through ANYTHING. Very successfully. And my housemate, who works for the forest service, has a nice normal job, and gets up early. Also, to get to our shower, you have to go through my bedroom, which has no door and used to have a curtain, but I was pretending to be Scarlett O’Hara and now I have no curtain.

So she tries to wake me up and it doesn’t work, and when it does, all I said was “You look like a couch” and went back to sleep.

My roommate is a gorgeous, tall blonde. She does not look like a couch. She did, however, in my dream, have on those skinny jeans with the weird floral pattern that DOES look like a couch. But that was in my dream and it came out wrong.

So then we go to work, and I’ve recently graced her Rover with a crocheted squid, so we have a car squid now. So he likes to sing and dance to Gomez and “Come and Get It.” It’s like, 30 minutes to work.



We tend to hang out with our laptops and write (in my case, medic rules my life, so I’m studying) or eat or watch a movie or something. Generally without talking for hours on end. And I almost always disappear for an unqualified amount of time on a hike.

So that’s our evening. Except one day she came in and I was lying under the table, covered with a blanket, and going aafafalkfaagaa to everything she said. I do this when my blood sugar drops, which I didn’t know was THAT common. So she fed me. A lot. And I recovered enough to sit in a chair like a normal human and say nice humany things like ‘pass the butter’ and talk about how cool the boyfriend’s knife is.

I also tend to eat everything in the house and come home covered in mud and bring the dog in the house and bring sagebrush in and decorate with it.

We’ze besties. We’d have to be.

she also wanders around like this. it’s like living with a tall, blonde heroine. -_-

*no, i am not bipolar. i have some sort of thyroid/blood sugar issue that’s not quite been resolved yet



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