After 2012 Resolutions…

… oh my. Everything has changed since I made 2012’s resolutions… a list of a different lifetime, almost. And things have happened Amazing, God-things. :breathless: Like these:

  • Hiked the Sierra mountains
    Bought a good bike
    heard Handel’s Messiah
    Read-the-Bible-mostly-through-in-a-year #lame
    Had far too much fun with my hair {my personality fits red o.O}
    Contacted those overseas… everything is undercover for now.
    Learned Bonsai from a master
    A first gig after YEARS
    First semester of college!
    Got my permit
    Learned to make Sushi
    Hung with my grandmother a weekend and sewed an ENTIRE quilt top {she’s beast… just sayin’}
    Visited an Amish wedding {totally in German}
    Met two penpals in person
    First-evah swing dance
    Second swing dance.
    thi-okay, okay 😉
    Yays! Finally got the pistol I’d been lusting after.
    And a tazer.
    Dreaming I was flying(!!!)
    Backstage with the WV symphony

And so much more. :breathes: It’s been a wonderful year. Almost despite… no, despite… all my plans.


One thought on “After 2012 Resolutions…

    All this, even when struggling with your health and everything. You are one of the most awesome, positive, funnest, make-it-happen people I know. 🙂 🙂

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