my weekend went like this

friend-I’ve-known-since-time-began came to visit, and we instantly went down to the river and started waving at passing-barges, which didn’t work, and dancing gangnam style at the barges, which definitelydidwork. ahhhhem. we then went to the mall and danced the same thing in the glass elevator, which was exciting, and to the roller rink, where everyone else was doing it, so we didn’t feel left out. Roller rink has a disco ball, too. very old school. and we both fell a lot, but other people fell more, so we win >.<

and then we went to downtown Marietta and filmed part of a film in the alleys, and climbed the old railway bridge, much to the amusement of passing children “grrrandma! Iwannastayandwatch! I think he’s a-gonna jump!”, and hung out at the coca-cola counter with all the old folks. and made a poster for the film which isdefinitelynothappening.

{thewholepicture isn’t loading, dangblast it >.< }


then we climbed the center beam up into an old barn down below our house, and risked my sister’s life by dragging her along. only went through the floor once. -_- the entire floor was covered with loose papers from the 20’s-40’s… everything from legers to political poetry. goal: try to find the family. SERIOUSLY awesome. we brought back arm-loads of stuffz to go through.

so then we went to a swing dance in columbus that is entirelypopulated by geeks. right by the college, and everyone who goes there is like, an engineer. And a smashing good dancer. O.O {Didn’t know pocket-protectors made one a good dancer, did you?}
so we danced.
a lot.
with lotsofBOYS.
i mean… i danced with the boys and he danced with the gir…
moving on.
and ben made me wear converse with the rainbow laces, which practically glowed-in-the-dark, which was awesome.

and we met awesome people like krishna, who started a pretty suave latin dance smack in the middle of swing, and 6’6 jeff-fred astaire, who can dance like astaire, only significantly more long-legged and awesome. {by the way, I now having a standing salsa-dance-invitation for anytime I visit the midwest, thanks to krishna. #dies}

and THEN? we got home around three, and nobody could sleep, so we sat in the kitchen floor and drank tea and kombucha and poured it into a juice glass {the kombucha} and tried to see who could get the most down in one shot. #ahem
i won again. Of COURSE. i’m girl, and i have a bigger mouth?

then somehow we all managed to be at services 4 hours later. be impressssed. XD


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