why so hard to tell about jesus?


I love him, I’m crazy about him. Why is it so hard to share the news?

Episodes of life.

The text-message conversation with one of the brashest druggies I know {yes, I know several} and my terrified-ness. WHY is it so hard to tell people about Jesus? I love the story, and I get so thrilled over him.
…but I am afraid of rejection.

“How do you feel about God-things?”

And we go from a text to a full-scale convo.

Granted, it ends with a whywon’tyoudaaaaaaaaaaatemei’manawesomeguy, but still. It’s a conversation. It’s a wee start.


My heart’s in my throat as I ask a classmate if she’ll come to services with me tonight. WHY so hard?

She comes, and we shove in between shoulders of people – I have a sleeping kid on my lap and another person practically sitting on me. And yet, it is wonderful.


I talk to an old friend, thankful that I’m driving and can’t see their face, grateful they’re working on a project and distracted.

“Where are you with this whole God-thing?”

I’ve waited two years to talk to them. Two anxious, far-too-quiet years.

And they respond. Slowly.  Not-very-quickly. But I see a questioning soul bare, and I marvel.


Why so hard to talk about Jesus?

I’m afraid of consequences. I’m afraid of hate, of anger, of rejection. These are what I avoid in life. I avoid being hurt.

I read stories like this one, and I marvel. Marvel at the goodness and strength of that woman.

It’s only hard to talk about Jesus when I think of myself.

Lord, let me forget myself.


One thought on “why so hard to tell about jesus?

  1. I feel the same way—we take it personal and don’t want to be rejected. We have to ask God to help us overcome our needless fears.

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