backpacking sierra’s

So I went to California. Unplanned, unexpectedly. I met my dear bestie Rose and we bonded for a few days,  and THEN we went on our firstbackpackingintothewildernessever trip.

For three days.

In the Sierras.

THIS is my awesomebestestfriendfrom CA. She puts up with morethanyoucanimagine. :sparkles:

aaaaaaand i convinced her to go cave-rappeling. YEZ.

group 1 + llama. [and no, I don’t always carry a walkie-talkie, heh]

We started out by camping in an actual campground the first night, with 7-of-us-and-a-llama.


Other people came and we hiked out to our campsite.

alllllllll of us.

Hiking out there was gorgeous…

just brreaaaaaaaaaaaaath in that beauty. [saddlebag lake]

A highlight was climbing this peak.

11,000 ft.

Be impressed.

see those dots? those are people, as taken with a zoom-lense from camp. i’m on the faaaaaaaaaaaaar right.

back down the mountain. [check out that BURN LINE. Oh my GOSH]

this was a side-splitting group. i mean… look at some of this.

and that, my friends, is what we call a *photobomb*

and fashion-stylists, of course, provide corn-rows upon request

slack line or zip line… they hadn’t decided 😉

this iz camp

NY2LA – this is what we do in camp

i just have to say… you don’t appreciate water until you have to pump it for yourself. seriously. i can’t think of it the same.

I changed, I learned, I grew. I loved my people, and they helped me – more than they realized. Helped a person who’s darned afraid of sticking-out, and re-gave-me that love for adventure.


I needed to reconnect with Yah. Thanks for helping me.

ps: no sleep, epic sunburn, and hours of laughter. ^what it looks like [El Capatan and Half Domb behind me]


2 thoughts on “backpacking sierra’s

  1. Those photos are gorgeous – especially the last one! Visited Yosemite for the first time this year and fell in love!

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